Irish horse brooch

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Celtic, Scottish jewelry, Kissing Kelpies Brooch, Aberlemno Cross


Kissing Kelpies Brooch

 Part horse, part fish, Kelpies are said to possess the qualities of the subconscious and bring blessings of wealth and power.

   These Kelpies pranced off a standing stone in Scotland where they were carved in the 10th Century AD stone cross at Aberlemno.  A Scottish friend told us that Kelpies are meant to represent the mysterious beast of Loch Ness, his home town.  He also admitted that he is the only person in his family that has never seen it!

    Go ahead, give someone a Celtic kiss with this joyful pair of ancient "Kelpies".

Boxed with a history.

Size 2 " x 1 1/4". 

Sterling silver or plated pewter

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