Irish Celtic god of music

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Irish jewelry, Irish god of music and poetry, Daghada Brooch


Harpist Brooch

     Here you see Daghada the Celtic god of music and poetry.  According to ancient lore his songs summoned the seasons and lifted the veil of memory. 

    This image is on the 10th century stone cross of Kilkenny.  Often identified as David with his harp, it's origins actually predate Christianity by centuries.

    This ancient musician is such a favorite of ours that we created earrings and a finger ring to go with it.  Musical and poetic friends will get a kick out of this little fellow strumming away to pass the time.

Size 11/8" x1"

Hand cast in sterling silver.  Boxed with history.

All designs © by Ancient Artisans®




Harpist Ear, Hook Size 7/8" x 1/2"



Harpist Ring   Size 6 to 9