Spiral brooch, Irish dragon pin

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Irish jewelry, Irish spiral brooch, Dragon Disk Brooch, Cloak fastener


Irish Cloak Fastener Brooch

In Celtic tradition dragons are the symbols for the positive forces in the world. Since the Dragon lives in the earth, has fish scales, wings and breaths fire it has the power of all the four elements.

   The Celts brought their own unique vision of beauty to the world.  This brooch is one of the finest examples of Irish work in our collection. 

   This half scale replica is of an 8th century  Cloak Fastener from the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.  It’s styling is unique to Ireland, only a handful of this type are known.  It sports not only dragons, but triple spirals as well.

   Endless compliments will greet you when you wear this, our most unusual replica from the Celtic past.

Size 3" x 1 1/2"

Hand cast in sterling silver. Gift boxed with a history

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